Nov 5, 2011

Smoggy Beijing

The Wall Street Journal had this article today called "Smog, Bureaucratic Waffling Add to Beijing’s Murk". I would be the last person to defend the CCP and the horrible damage they've inflicted on the Chinese people over the past sixty years, but I did have to comment on this photo and accompanying caption from the article:

My comment about this photo and caption is that in Beijing, and in China, people like this bicyclist wear cotton masks like some people wear scarves, that is, as a way to feel better in the cold. That bicyclist would wear the same mask even on a day with an AQI (air quality index) of 50 (which would be wonderful for Beijing).

Cotton face masks like that are so porous that they do essentially nothing to keep out pollution. To keep the pollution out, you really need to wear an N95 face mask.

Here's the real time AQI for Beijing, if you're interested.


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