May 3, 2011

Expat jokes about Singapore

I've heard a number of Singapore-related jokes, which I thought I'd share. Although, in my opinion, making fun of Singapore is sort of like picking on the kids that ride the short bus to school. Singapore is a country (sort of) with an extremely short history, and a very small population, of course it's going to have some major issues.

Anyway, as I recall hearing it, the running joke about Singapore among expats goes something like this:
Q: What's the difference between Singapore and a petri dish?
A: A petri dish has more culture.
Joke number two was something about how on the sixth day, the Lord resteth, and then he picked up the Malaysian peninsula, shook it around like a sock, and all the garbage and human filth fell down to the southern tip of the peninsula, and called itself Singapore.

I found this second joke a bit mean spirited. I'm sure there are some good people in Singapore, after all.

And don't forget that Singapore has a great many wonderful food vendors and restaurants, which makes it a great place to visit in my book, racial discrimination and other issues aside.

Does anyone else have any good Singapore jokes they've heard?


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