Apr 27, 2011

Don't leave mass right after communion

Having observed the tight religious restrictions in China, you come to appreciate some of the basic things that we take for granted, or even sometimes complain about in America.

This article, "China Detains Church Members at Easter Services", caught my interest:
The authorities stepped up a three-week campaign against an underground Christian church on Sunday, detaining hundreds of congregants in their homes and taking at least 36 others into custody after they tried to hold Easter services in a public square, church members and officials said.
It makes me downright embarrassed when I think of pretty much any mass I've ever been to in the US, including this past Sunday, where numerous folks up and scurried out of church right after they get their Communion.

These unfortunate Chinese Christians are getting persecuted and arrested for their beliefs, and we take it for granted that we have the ability to do whatever we want here in America.

The Chinese Catholics I've seen (in China, at least) are really into their religion. If the church is over packed and they have to listen to mass out in the courtyard with no kneelers, they'll spread out newspapers on the ground and kneel right on there.

I've seen too many spoiled Californians and other Americans who got it so good these days with their Hummer H2s and BMWs that they don't feel like they have to kneel during mass. I even saw one grown man going to Easter mass wearing flip flips into church. This man had young kids, nonetheless. I hope he scheduled a confession for later in the week.


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