Apr 1, 2011

Article: "Shunyi to Be World's Largest Gated Community"

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A Shunyi residents' association has put forward proposals that would see the outlying suburb become the world's largest gated community. On Tuesday, March 29, the Shunyi Neighborhood Development Council published its plans to have a 100km perimeter fence erected around the district's central urban area, which accounts for 19sqkm of the district's total 1,000sqkm area.

Under the proposals, the fence would be 5m high, constructed of heavy duty steel railings topped by spikes, with a lattice structure ensuring the barrier's efficacy. Gates and checkpoints will be set up at various points to ensure residents can easily come and go without compromising safety. The Shunyi plans have been modeled on security arrangements at the Interlomas complex on the outskirts of Mexico City, currently the world's largest gated community.


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