Mar 8, 2011

Wu Bangguo in the house!

I now know why there was as military presence in the university district near my office in Beijing. Wu Bangguo, the number two guy in China, was cruising around. Here's a pictorial in Chinese, and here's a great article with a photo where he looks very paternal and leader-like. I'd love to get a shot of myself like that to use as my Facebook profile photo.

"Bangguo", in English, is a cool name — the first thing you think of is "bangin' chicks", right? — but he doesn't really have the pimp look that some of the other Politburo guys have.

If I had my pick, I'd want to see this one:

That's Jia Qinglin, the number four guy. Why meet him? Well, I can't figure out if he's the Paulie Walnuts of the Chinese Politburo, or the Silvio Dante of the Chinese Politburo. Not having met him in person, I'm leaning towards Silvio (below), for the obvious choice of having slicked back hair and a healthy tan.


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