Mar 18, 2011

Salt-buyin' frenzy!

Seriously, a mass run on salt at the supermarket? I guess their plan is that when the radiation from the Japanese reactor wafts over to China, they'll use the salt to preserve their bodies like a giant piece of beef jerky. Maybe they're expecting a scenario like the movie Alive. Other than that, what possible use could you have for this much salt?

If they were trying to ingest this much iodized salt as a way to reduce the risk of thryoid cancer, I think they'd melt like a slug that had salt poured on it before anything.

Here's some real pictures I took outside a Beijing supermarket. Not Photoshopped, these are seriously real pictures of actual signs.

Before: guidelines on buying salt (maximum two bags per person):

After: "Really sorry, we're done sold out of salt!"
Maybe they can add a line underneath, "and sorry, you're a moron for being part of a salt run!"

Look at this wonderful, civilized behavior (article from Wall Street Journal)
3,000 years of culture and history? And this is what you get, I guess.


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