Mar 11, 2011

Pink Pringles

These are grilled shrimp Pringles we got in Malaysia. I was expecting them to be the normal golden Pringles-color, but what do you know, they are as pink as Paris Hilton's Bentley!

They mostly taste like Pringles, with just a light shrimp flavoring. I'd prefer if they weren't so pink. All I can think of is all the food dye that's in there.

Here's another interesting thing with these bizarro Pringles:

Halal certified! Kind of important in Malaysia. Folks don't want to mistakenly scarf down chicharrĂ³ns.

The other weird thing is they call them "Potato Crisps". They're totally the same as potato chips, so I'm not quite sure why they're calling them "crisps" there. This is probably from using some Google Translate computerized translation or something.

Anyway, these chips taste good, but I will avoid them in the future to stay away from the Red Dye No. 2. I'm sticking with my always-reliable Cool Ranch flavor chicharrĂ³ns.


Blogger Brandrews said...

Nice Blog!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crisps is the British term for chips (since chips refer to fries).

7:12 AM  

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