Mar 5, 2011

Mysterious death of Zhao Wei

Check out this article, "The tragedy of Zhao Wei ":
...there is one potentially great big story missing from everyone’s agenda — the mysterious death of Chinese college student Zhao Wei.

And yet, the chilling story of Zhao Wei, who was very possibly murdered by railway authorities on his way home to Inner Mongolia during the Spring Festival rush more than a month ago, goes to the very heart of the issues and anxieties that are of most immediate relevance to all Chinese, and could contribute to demands for change.
The story of this guy Zhao Wei sucks pretty bad. He was allegedly murdered by Chinese railway workers for mouthing off, and then all mention of his story got deleted from the Internet in China.

I wanted to point out that initially I thought that Zhao Wei the famous actress chick was the one who suffered the mysterious death. Who would have though that two Chinese people would have the exact same name. I think the headline should have been something like "The tragedy of Zhao Wei - a man with the same name as the actress".

You'll see below that the famous Zhao Wei is kinda cute, but her big problem is that she has a a square jaw like a kathoey:

Don't let those huge doe-like eyes distract you from that masculine, Schwarzenegger jaw. If you want to see a good movie with Zhao Wei, I recommend Painted Skin (画皮). It's a Hong Kong a movie about ghosts, where she is some kind of ghost that peels off her skin like those benevolent aliens in Cocoon.

Back to the news story, I hope the family of the male Zhao Wei can find some justice and not be swept under the rug by the Chinese authorities. You don't beat a college student on the train to death for mouthing off. I can't imagine the type of riot that would happen if this sort of thing were to have happened to some college student on Thanksgiving break taking Amtrak.


Blogger Лариса Wldrose said...

That was Zhou Xun peeling off her skin in that movie "Painted skin" and she was a demon, not Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei was just a woman, who became a demon to save her husband. I mean her part was a positive one. Sorry, can't see her square jaw as well.

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