Mar 31, 2011

Ai Weiwei is a dude, with a beard!

I've frequently heard about this artist Ai Weiwei. I had always though it was a chick, though. Why would I think it's a guy?
  • "Ai" is the word for "love" in Mandarin, so I just assumed this was kind of a stage name, like "Prince".
  • "Wei" is often a transliteration for the English character "V". Sometimes, "Vivi" (short for Vivian), might be translated as "Weiwei" in Mandarin.
So in my mind, I had been thinking this person was like "Vivian Love". Obviously a girl, right? But in an article today, I noticed Ai Weiwei is actually a dude with a long stringy beard. Kind of like a younger, fatter version of Pai Mei from Kill Bill:

Upon consulting wikipedia, I see that his actual surname is "艾", not "爱" (love), as I had thought. I still think "Weiwei" is not a good name for him though. This is a dude that has the girth to call himself "Buster", "Bruser", or some other name you'd expect from a biker gang.

It really sucks that he has to flee his own country and work out of Germany to avoid being beaten by the police. Dissenting opinions and tough criticism should be thought of as good things.


Blogger Kiznkitten said...

I agree! Differences of opinions can produce new idea's. Resolving the differences of opinions can help teach understanding and tolerance, two things that are very important to solidifying a nation.

4:21 AM  

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