Mar 20, 2011

"5 Things to Know About China's 2nd- and 3rd-Tier Cities"

I've written about the tiers of Chinese cities before. I recently stumbled across this article, "5 Things to Know About China's 2nd- and 3rd-Tier Cities". There were too many big words in that article for me, so I only got half way through. Let me give you my much more concise version.

Here are five things to know about China's 2nd and 3rd tier cities:
  1. Your kids can squat down and take giant craps that could fill twelve toilet bowls right beside a busy street, and no one will mind.
  2. You can hack up greenish-yellow loogies whenever and wherever you want, and spit them everywhere on the street.
  3. When you unwrap your Snickers bar or a Popsicle, everywhere is your garbage can. Just throw your rubbish anywhere on the ground.
  4. "No Smoking" signs in restaurants are not for you to worry about. Those are just for decoration.
  5. Watch out for reckless drivers — if someone hits you by accident, they will drive in reverse and run you over and over again to make sure you're dead and can't file a complaint. It's just like that Sopranos episode where Richie Aprile runs over Beansie, but worse. This is seriously something that I've heard about, I'm not making it up.
You don't have to leave Beijing or Shanghai to find out what these lower tier cities are like. My advice is to wait until the two weeks of Lunar New Year, and then stay in Beijing or Shanghai. Beijing or Shanghai during those two weeks is normal.

The other fifty weeks of the year, the transplants from the second and third tier cities are there, engaging in activities one through five listed above, and Beijing becomes a gigantic third tier city.


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