Feb 11, 2011

My response: "Why Home Depot Struggles and IKEA Thrives in China?"

This China know-it-all has a blurb in Forbes titled "Why Home Depot Struggles and IKEA Thrives in China?". Don't waste your time sifting through the author's rambling article. I can tell you the answer to the question in one picture below.

This photo is from one of my classic blog posts in 2008, "Ikea shopping madness!"

No offense intended here, but anyone who's spent time in China will tell you that Chinese folks love to snooze, especially at Ikea. Now where are you going to catch some z's at the Home Depot? On a stack of splintery pallets by the loading dock? On the stack of bags of potting soil? On a rack of 2x4s? By the paint mixer?

Ikea clearly has the upper hand here. There are dozens and dozens of comfy sofas and beds to sprawl out on. Who needs one of these Sinologists to tell us what's what?


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