Feb 6, 2011

Monday morning fireworks surprise!

Monday this week was still a public holiday in China. It's the fifth day of the Lunar New Year (初五), and everyone is off from school and work.

I thought I'd enjoy a few extra hours of sleep in the morning, but it turns out I wasn't able to. I guess all of the farmers and migrants where I live in Haidian District found some extra firecrackers and mortars that they didn't shoot off on New Year's Eve, and they all united in shooting them off Monday morning.

So much for extra sleep!

Chinese folks might try to convince you that this fifth-day-of-lunar-new-year-morning fireworks craziness is related to something called "po wu" (破五). Malarkey, I say, I'm sticking with my all-the-migrants-found-some-extra-fireworks-in-their-pantries theory.


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