Feb 15, 2011

Houhai ice skating photos

Beijing's Houhai pond freezes solid enough to ice skate for about 3 weeks in January. December and February are a little too warm for solid enough ice. Here are some cell phone pictures.

An old school Beijing roasted sweet potato vendor, parked right out on the ice. Check out the sticks of sugar cane. This guy almost seems out of place these days:

I think this guy here used an empty can of Wanglaoji (王老吉) to create a makeshift bowl and smoke a brick of Xinjiang hash. Check out his green Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag with the four marijuana leaves plastered on it, and the way he's slumped over his ice-chair, randomly poking holes in the ice with some long pieces of metal. Definitely spaced out. I bet that bag is full of Doritos and Twinkies.

Not a stone's throw from the spaced out guy is a happy family playing on an ice chair. How cute is that father and kid?


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