Feb 28, 2011

Chinese senior citizen Juggalo in my apartment building!

As is my routine, I walked into the elevator in my apartment building after work one evening recently. There was a 70 year old Chinese man in the elevator with this hat on:

How awesome is that?! A Chinese Juggalo (Insane Clown Posse fan) in my own building! I complimented the gentleman on his cool hatchet man hat, but it was pretty clear from his response that he had no idea what was on it.

On a similar note, we were driving around Beijing recently listening to the local radio station, and an ICP song came on. Beijing seems to be really embracing Detroit hip-hop.

I'm very pleased to see that Kid Rock, that phoney-baloney who is actually from Romeo, Michigan but pretends he's from the Detroit ghetto, is thoroughly ignored here in Beijing. Does anyone else get annoyed by Kid Rock? He feels the need to plaster his autographed photo at every joint around Detroit, on his seat at the Pistons, and who knows where else. Too much of an attention-seeker for my tastes.


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