Jan 16, 2011

When waidi peasants come to live in Beijing...

They might have this conversation:
Waidi peasant number 1: I's a gonna wash my clothes today.

Waidi peasant number 2: You should. You stink like a hog.

Waidi peasant number 1: But where shall I dry them?

Waidi peasant number 2: Hang 'em on a string between two trees on the side of a busy road. It's only minus 10 degrees today. They'll dry in no time.
And the end result:

The innovation and thought process of these country folk that migrate to Beijing are amusing.

Perhaps I'm completely wrong, and this was the actual conversation:
Waidi peasant number 1: My broke ass ain't got no clothes dryer, so I need to dry my laundry on a string by the side of the road. But it's below freezing today. How can I dry my clothes? They're just going to freeze?

Waidi peasant number 2: Fool, as you'll recall from science class, ice can evaporate through process by sublimation. Take your government cheese-eating butt and hang your nasty laundry out there by the road. It'll be dry by sundown. Maybe if you'd taken better notes in high school, you wouldn't be having to dry your clothes on a string by a dirty road in freezing temperatures.
Who knows.


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