Dec 15, 2010

Beijing Jackass: shopping carts

Is there anything more entertaining than that "shopping carts" bit from Jackass? You know, the one where one guy gets in a shopping cart and gets pushed at full speed into a bush or over a curb, while a heavy metal song by CKY plays in the background?

It seems that Chinese boys are getting into the activity these days too. Who cares if it's a few years late. Jackass is awesome.

Dec 13, 2010

No more coffee filters!

For as long as I can recall, I've purchased my paper coffee filters from one of the local 7-Elevens in Beijing. During these past couple weeks, every single 7-Eleven I've been to has stopped stocking coffee filters. Bizarre.

I've had to order my filters on, the Chinese eBay. How are Chinese folks brewing their morning coffee these days? How is this lapse of judgment by 7-Eleven going unprotested by Chinese people? I don't understand it.

Maybe people are dealing with it by doing the college thing where you substitute several sheets of toilet paper as a coffee filter. I could never get that to work in college — it always made my coffee taste like shit. (Ha.)

Dec 11, 2010

Kit car Ferrari

Is this a real Ferrari California that I saw this week in the parking lot of the Beijing Shangri-La hotel?

Yeah, right. I think not. Obviously a kit car, probably purchased on Taobao. They can counterfeit anything over here.

Kit car Ferraris have been the rage in Beijing since at least 2005.

Dec 9, 2010

Das Racist in Beijing

Das Racist has two interesting blog posts (here and here) from during their recent concert. I love this photo they posted, which was captioned "This guy insisted we take a photo with him":

They have some very astute observations regarding the ABV beer. Why does Chinese beer have such a low alcohol content, and then baijiu is 56% alcohol?

Their concert was great, but the acoustics at Yugong Yishan, the small club where it was held, were less than ideal. If you hadn't heard the lyrics previously, you'd have a very hard time understanding them during the live show.