Nov 24, 2010

A Hong Kong Jackass!

This is several weeks-old news, but did everyone see this story about the Hong Kong guy who dressed up as an old white man and took a flight to Canada?

Obviously, he is a huge Jackass fan, much like myself. I can't get enough of anything related to the show. Doesn't matter if it's the original Jackass crew, Viva La Bam, Steve-O, or The Dudesons. Last time I had a trip to the US, first thing I did when I had free time away from the office was to check out Jackass 3D in a theater. That was the first movie I've ever seen where I had to literally close my eyes to prevent myself from vomiting. What innovative work.

Anyway, the Hong Kong guy is obviously copying Johnny Knoxville's character from Jackass Number Two, where he dresses up like Bad Grandpa and gives his grandson whiskey and cigarettes at a Hollywood hamburger joint.

All Hong Kong people have gone up a notch in my book thanks to this guy. Awesome job.


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