Nov 26, 2010

Chinese supermarket ineptness: the beansprout

Today I walked into the local grocery store, Vanguard, and I was just about to grab one of those little plastic shopping baskets near the entrance. A husky male employee, charged with monitoring the exits for shoplifters, at that very moment discarded a rather large crumpled ball of paper right into the stack of plastic baskets. The paper landed in the very basket I was ready to pick up and use for my shopping.

"Hey, beansprout!", I remarked to the boy. ("豆芽菜", in Mandarin)

He looked at me incredulously, trying to figure out why I was talking to him, and if I was a troublemaker.

"Hey there, you just chucked your garbage into the shopping basket," I said to him again. I picked up the basket on the top of the stack with his trash in it, and handed it to him.

"Oh, that accidentally fell in there," he said back to me.

"Don't worry. I'll mention this to the store manager on my way out later, " I said. I then picked up another basked from the stack and went on with my shopping.

I never did find the store manager, although I asked the cashier as I paid for my items.


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