Sep 15, 2010

Something that costs the same in Norway and China

Nearly everything in Norway is way more expensive than in China. A glass of regular local beer at a restaurant in Norway will run you about $13. In China, a glass of beer at a casual outdoor place is $0.75, or at the most $5 at an upscale restaurant.

I've uncovered one item, however, that is nearly the same price in both countries: frozen Chinese crayfish. Check it out.

"Kinesisk Kreps" in a Norwegian RIMI supermarket, $9.62 / kg.

"香辣龙虾" in my local Beijing supermarket, $
9.17 / kg ($7.68 / kg on sale)

Who would have thought? Anyway, you won't catch me eating these crayfish. My local sources in Beijing indicate that these crayfish swim and root in raw sewage. Not something I'm looking to ingest.


Anonymous Chip said...

Eric, this is awesome; I love it.
If you are going to eat crawfish in your life, then you need to stop by Louisiana. May I recommend Crawfish time in Lafayette, or the Cajun crawfish house on Bourbon St, NOLA.

Nice find.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Anoop H said...

love yr blog!

3:02 AM  

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