Aug 27, 2010

Chinese albinos

It might be sort of politically incorrect to talk about this, but I am just fascinated when I see Chinese albinos. When I've encountered white folks with albinism, I think they might be able to pass for Irish or Scandinavian, so I tend to not be too interested.

Chinese albinos are something else, though. They have all the typical Han Chinese facial characteristics, but with white-pink skin and bleach-blond hair, as you'd expect. Last time I encountered one, I tried to snap a picture with my phone camera, but I didn't focus properly.

I debated simply throwing it out, but I found that you can still get a good sense of the contrast. And the blurriness maintains the anonymity of the subjects:

I'd say that I come across a Chinese albino every two to three months. Considering that this country is very densely populated, I'd say the incidence of albinism must be pretty low. Or they all stay indoors. On the other hand, I see Chinese little people (I know the politically correct nomenclature there) every few weeks.

When I've seen Chinese albinos interacting with their friends, they seem to be accepted as anyone else in their peer group. There appears to be no special treatment, and no one is over-focused on their melanin production defect. I think that's pretty cool.

Here's a clearer picture of a Chinese albino. (borrowed from here)


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