Jul 18, 2010

Those Shunyi expats got it rough!

I thought I had a rough life. Every day I'm in the office, eight to six, sitting in front of a computer terminal. And damn, pushin' those buttons on the keyboard is hard! I've got the beginnings of lower back pain, carpal tunnel and the myriad other hazards of being a white collar worker. Not to mention, I'm always talking on the phone and getting a hoarse voice. Man, it's rough a rough life being a white collar office worker in Beijing.

Some white folks in Beijing have got it real bad. Check out this Irish lady's rant in City Weekend magazine. I had to scan the whole article since I couldn't find it on line. I've interjected my condescending comments in line.

Comment: Yes, let's talk more about drivers, since all of us working here in Beijing are well-to-do Fat Cats with our own personal chauffeurs, gardeners, cooks, and masseuses. Please continue! We're all very interested in this topic.

Comment: It sounds like your family has had a very hard life here in Beijing. It must be such an ordeal to have a personal chauffeur. I can't imagine the pain and challenges their family must be going through.

Comment: I feel the author's pain. She's had to make so many hard decisions: will the chauffeur take the dog outside for shit? Will the chauffeur carry our groceries into the luxury villa? Having a personal driver sounds like such a pain. The grief she she must be going through.

Those other families sound so horrible. They're so looking down on The Locals, totally unlike you.

Chauffeurs planting flowers for their European colonial overlords! What is Beijing coming to? It's horrible. I can' t imagine the moral dilemma this author is having, keeping quiet while her friends engage in such horrible behavior.

Next Sunday mass, we ought to take up a special collection for this poor family from the Old Country. I'm already saving up my spare change. My heart goes out to the author, and all the other families going through the same pain while in Beijing.

Now back to me: I've been paying a cleaning lady from Henan to come over to my rat-infested Apartment of Filth once per week for two hours to mop the disgusting floor and wipe the yellow dribbles off the exterior of my toilet bowl. And I thought I was an upper class, imperialist fat cat shit for hiring a cleaning lady. I feel so much better after reading about this Irish woman's difficult life. I had even though that I was doing well compared to the other kids on the block because I could afford to pound Heinekens at 7 kuai instead of local Yanjing beer at 1 kuai a pop.

This City Weekend article is a reminder to all of us normal folks: the actual rich people stay rich by making the rest of us common mutts think we're doing well for ourselves. But really, the Shunyi expatriates of the world still keep most of the pie for themselves, and leave just a few crumbs for the rest of us workers to fight over.

It doesn't matter if you're in Beijing or in Boston, we regular peons just get the crumbs, while the upper crust worry about whether or not their chauffeurs and butlers need to scoop the poop.


Anonymous Debbie said...

Dear Eric

I agree with your sentiment but you are so off target. This woman is nothing compared to the rest of them. Some have three ayis to look after perhaps just two children -- and the lady of the house doesn't even work. They spend their time writing into Beijing Cafe to complain that their ayis actually ask for liveable wages. You need to explore this much more. Debbie. With NO ayi.

5:05 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

@Debbie: Thank you for the insight.

7:10 PM  

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