Jul 16, 2010

The seeping flood of diarrhea

We had Korean barbecue one night. Two-thirds of the way through the meal I excused myself to use the lavatory. Chinese beer is like 3% alcohol by volume, so you need to drink a lot, and quickly, to get the smallest of any buzz. (Does anyplace have San Miguel Red Horse around here?)

To the right side of the urinal I was using were a couple squat toilets, on a platform about 6 inches higher than the floor I stood on. The doors to the stalls were shut, and inside they were empty. I couldn't help but notice a seeping flood of nasty red-brown diarrhea seeping out of the front of one of the closed stalls. This is how it looked from where I stood:

The toilet stall door is shut, but you can kind of glimpse part of the squat toilet underneath the crack of the door. On the side of the squat toilet nearest the door, there's all this nasty diarrhea spread all over the floor.

I should have waited until I was all the way done with my dinner instead of just two-thirds done. I had a really time getting over this nasty men's room.

I can't figure out how someone could leak that much filth over the wrong side of the squat toilet. As you may know, when you use a squat toilet, your butt faces the far wall, and you squat down facing the door of the stall. So if someone came up and opened up the door to your stall, they'd see your face, and not your butt.

Any floods of defecation and filth would presumably end up at the back of the stall. There's no possible way it could leak out the front of the stall like that, unless someone intentionally used the toilet in the wrong direction, and intentionally sprayed all over the floor. There must have been some really sick individual in the restaurant that night.


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