Jun 7, 2010

"Woman stabs nine on China sleeper train"

From this article:
Nine people asleep on a train traveling through northeastern China were stabbed in the early hours of this morning by a woman armed with a 15-cm-long knife.

The woman struck at around 2am, slashing at passengers sleeping in the lower bunks of a carriage and causing widespread panic in the darkness, as the K7019 train from the northeastern city of Harbin to northern Hebei province chugged south.
On a Chinese sleeper train, there are typically 3 levels of bunk you can reserve: lower, middle, and top. The lower bunk is the most expensive, the top bunk is the cheapest.

I always found this pricing structure a little strange. I would much prefer the security and safety of the top bunk. I feel like a cat up there in the top bunk, surveying the terrain for prey and other predators. Another problem with the bottom bunk is that strangers and seat mates will make themselves at home sitting on the bottom bunk during daytime hours.

This train stabbing incident is another strong point for choosing an upper bunk. You'll be that much further from knife wielding crazies.


Anonymous Greg said...

Eric, you have a terrific blog. I am now in Detroit -- but spend a lot of time in Beijing. Do you use a vpn in Beijing? If so, please tell me which one. Thanks. Greg

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