Jun 23, 2010

New beers at 7-11 in Beijing

Not all of us are Fat Cat Expats that live on the east side of Beijing, with a full time staff of servants and easy access to April Gourmet and Jenny Lou's. For those half-pat folks like me, we have to do a lot of our shopping at local supermarkets and stores like 7-11.

During the last few weeks, 7-11 has started carrying more imported beers at reasonable prices.

Initially, 7-11's imported beer selection consisted of (BeerAdvocate grade in parenthesis):
Now, 7-11 has also added these:
Not spectacular beer, but it's great that they've expanded their selection.

7-11 also has that wonderful malt beverage, Smirnoff Ice, so you can buy a couple bottles and partake in that gay Icing game that's been in the news recently.

See this older post for more on beer available at local supermarkets in Beijing.


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