Jun 4, 2010

Important notice: no hot water

This "Important Notice" was posted in the elevators of my apartment building over the last weekend.

The gist of it is that my apartment management needed to do some work on the hot water boilers, so they had to turn off the hot water for all the buildings in the apartment complex.

They list the effected period as May 31, 2010 6:00 AM to June 3 8:00 AM. I optimistically thought that this meant that for four days, they would work for two hours each morning, 6:00-8:00 AM, during which time there would be no hot water. No sweat, two hours a day is no big deal.

It turns out, though, that the hot water was off for the entire three day period. I mostly use hot water for showering, but thankfully I could take a hot shower at the gym instead of a cold shower at home. When there was no other choice, though, I used my huge stock pot to heat up a bunch of water on the stove if anyone wanted a hot sponge bath.

I did take one freezing cold shower out of necessity. Mostly it was because I was too lazy to go to the gym or a local swimming pool to take a hot shower. I showered the same way you would in a boat head. My technique was to grab the hand held shower head, turn on the cold water, and quickly spray all over my body for a total of 10 seconds. This minimized the unpleasantness. Then I turned off the cold water and lathered up with shampoo on my head and soap all over my body, and I did another quick rinse off for about 20 seconds. It seemed to mostly work.


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