Jun 2, 2010

The boisterous Ohio State fan

On a recent Europe vacation, we visited the Acropolis in Greece. I had worn my University of Michigan t-shirt that day, one with a very small, two-inch block 'M' logo on the lapel. I'm by no means a big football fan, more of an academic supporter than anything else. Of course, the colors aren't bad.

So, while minding my own business as I walked around the Acropolis, I was surprised to hear a Midwestern accent boom out from behind me, "Michigan, huh? You know what we say to people from Michigan in Ohio, don't ya?"

I cast the older gentleman a sideways glance, ignoring him and continuing on my way.

"Booooooo!", the man cried out at the top of his lungs. "Booooooo!"

I didn't dignify his Ohio-ish behavior with a response. Several minutes later, though, it occurred to me how I should have handled the situation. I suppose I was too spaced out due to lack of coffee and the jet lag, so I was way too slow with my comeback.

Good thing I can write about this on my blog. Here's how the situation should have played out, had I been more on my game:
Ohio State gentleman: "Michigan, huh? You know what we say to people from Michigan in Ohio, don't ya?. Booooooo! Booooooo!"

Me: "You know what I say to your son at the drive through, right? 'Don't forget to give me some ketchup with my fries.' "
Who would have thought Ohio State fans have such low self esteem? It must be the economy down there. I thought Southerners were hospitable and friendly.

I was surprised to encounter this kind of rabid man in an exotic locale. I've worked with and am friends with plenty of people from Ohio, as well as people that have graduated from schools like Michigan State. I wonder how the fellow I met saved up enough unemployment to pay for his plane ticket.


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