Apr 8, 2010

What do Shanghai and Rochester, NY have in common?

What do Shanghai and Rochester, NY have in common? People in both places want their discount fried chicken! If they can't get it, they're mighty upset, and they're going to mope around and complain until they get the half price chicken they rightfully deserve.

Shanghai residents were angry after their KFC coupons were no longer honored:

A coupon that was available online (one example) offered KFC’s normal 64 RMB Family Bucket meal for half price (32 RMB). The coupon was valid throughout the country and only on Tuesday yesterday. Many Shanghai residents printed this coupon and brought it to their local KFC where they were eventually rejected.

First thing I thought of after reading about the Shanghai KFC situation was last year when Popeye's was in the news because they ran out of chicken in Rochester, NY. I still get a kick out of the news segment. Check it out:

I can totally understand getting upset about Popeye's running out of chicken. As far as fast food chicken goes, it's awesome, and the sides are great mashed potatoes and cajun gravy, coleslaw, biscuits. KFC is another thing, though. I consider KFC is in the same category as my neighborhood jia chang cai restaurant that sells stir-fried cat meat. I feel dirty after I eat KFC. You wouldn't find me moping around a KFC for four hours because I couldn't get their half-price chicken combo.

There was a very insightful comment from a reader on the Shanghai situtaion:
a little scary that they organize so fiercely over chicken coupons but never for the right to read any kind of book they want to or listen to any kind of music they want to


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