Mar 21, 2010

My views on: "What do Chinese want from a car?"

I enjoyed this post entitled "What Do Urban Chinese Youth Want From A Car?". The quick summary is that they want:
  • input ports for their MP3 players
  • cup holders in front of air conditioner vents to keep beverages cool
  • sunroof
  • steering wheel with lots of buttons on it
The post provides a good assessment. But let me give you my off-the-cuff list of what Chinese folks really want in a car. I'm pretty observant, and this list comes from what I've seen of the cars of Chinese in China, as well as in other places like California.

My list: What Chinese folks really want in a car
  • Solar powered, moving Flip Flap Plant on the dashboard

  • Stylish seat covers

  • windows tinted enough for vampires

  • random junk dangling from the rear view mirror

  • Huge "实习" (new driver) sticker on the back

Anything left off my list? I was going to have "Box of Kleenex in a fancy holder by the rear window", but that could happen anywhere.


Anonymous Nick said...

Well said eric! Another fast-developing auto trend in Shanghai is to put false police lights in car grills.

9:36 AM  

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