Mar 11, 2010

Mexican food night

We had Mexican recently at Luga's in Sanlitun. I like their happy hour booze selection and the sports bar feel of the place, but their food leaves something to be desired. My desire for better-tasting Tex-Mex food inspired me to make some of my own.

I've been making my own tortillas for a few years, and this time I was able to improve on things by using fresh lard. I've not seen lard being sold in Chinese supermarkets, but I discovered that it's easy enough to make. You can pick up loads of pork fat at your local produce market / meat market, and then render the fat yourself. While visiting my regular meat lady, I asked, "Hey, you got any pork fat?" She poked around in her freezer for a few seconds and pulled out chunks and chunks of skin and fat.

Below: prior to rendering fat in Fight Club

I cooked Emeril's Mexican rice for the first time, which also includes a healthy dose of lard. I thought it turned out ok, but Emeril calls for too much stock. I'd recommend using 3 cups instead of 4.

The enchiladas I made using my homemade tortillas were good. They made up for my Luga's enchilada experience, but it's slightly more work to do it yourself. I'd highly recommend getting a hold of some pork fat to make your own lard. It seems to really improve the taste of everything.


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