Mar 25, 2010

Man vs. Wild: China

If you're a little disappointed with No Reservations: Harbin, I highly recommend the Man vs. Wild episode from couple months back. It looks like they filmed it in Guangxi or Guangdong in the jungle.

This was one of my favorite Bear Grylls adventures. I'll not spoil the whole thing, but here's the highlights:

  • Bear Grylls running like a mad man through an alley and down a busy Chinese street to hop a ride on a pig delivery truck

  • Bear making a tennis racquet out of wood and vines, and using it to swat some bats down for his supper

  • Catching a live frog, pulling the skin off, and eating it raw

  • Making a rodent trap out of logs, which catches a bamboo rat, and then roasting it for his breakfast

I'm sure some of these things were planned out and staged, but it's a great show.


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