Mar 27, 2010

Boiled goose!

I didn't pay much attention to Lonely Island's "Boombox" song when I first listened to their album. After the accompanying video aired recently on SNL, I just can't get enough of the song:

This music video is what I watch on TV first thing in the morning and then again last thing in the evening.

"Boiled goose" just sounds so unappetizing. Is there any kind of poultry that wouldn't lose it's flavor after boiling? I love the visuals that go along with the boiled goose lyrics:

It occurred to me that Chinese cuisine has a lot of boiled meat dishes: 水煮鱼 (hot and spicy boiled fish) and 水煮肉 (hot and spicy boiled beef) are the first that come to mind.

After a quick image search for "boiled goose" in Chinese (水煮鹅), I have to say, the Chinese chefs make this dish look a lot more presentable than those nasty goose carcasses in the Lonely Island video. Five thousand years of research on how to boil meats has it's advantages!

Check it out:

I know which boiled goose I'd pick.


Anonymous Boiled Goose Fan said...

I laughed my ass off at that song. It's so ridiculous and random and that's what makes it funny. Street peddlers in New York selling boiled goose, lmao.

7:08 AM  

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