Feb 23, 2010

Wal-Mart after lunar new year

Beijing Wal-Mart after lunar new year is much calmer than the few days leading up to the holiday. See my previous post if you want the recap. After new years, you can easily push your cart around, just as if you were at a Safeway back in the US.

Unfortunately, the primary reason for the calmness is that the many, many outlanders that reside in Beijing (probably two-thirds of the population) are currently in transit back to the capital. After another few days every place you go will be crowded and uncomfortable again.

Here's a quick photo peek at the delights that await you if you were to pop into the Wal-Mart in Beijing.

Whole ribbon fish on ice in the seafood department. Each one is about 3 feet long. Look at those sharp teeth. Yikes!

Roasted pigeon-kebabs. Lots of bones.

Boxes and boxes of chicken eggs at room temperature, presumably to give as new years gifts. Personally, I would have trouble gobbling down 60 eggs before they go bad, I can tell you that.

The day I was at Wal-Mart, they had samples of Nescafé instant coffee, and little cups of Nestlé cereal. There's also samples of the eggs, if you're up for it:



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