Feb 15, 2010

Shanghai Bugatti!

This recent post on chinaSMACK, "White Bugatti Veyron Spotted In Downtown Shanghai", caught my attention. The summary of the article is that someone was driving this expensive new Bugatti car in Shanghai, a blogger took some pictures and put them on the Internet. Wild. Here's one of the pictures:

If I ever see that particular car driving anywhere, I'm positive that I would burst out laughing. I can't stop thinking of that great bit during the final week of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, where Conan put ears and whiskers on a Bugatti to be his new guest, the "Bugatti Veyron Mouse". (The premise of the joke was that NBC has to pay for whatever Conan does, and he was getting booted anyway, so why not do some crazy expensive things).

If I every spot one of these Bugatti Veyrons puttering along in the Beijing gridlock, I'll walk over and recommend to the driver that he needs some ears and whiskers for his car, and start blasting "Satisfaction" on the stereo.


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