Feb 7, 2010

Family Guy this week

As far as adult cartoons go, I enjoy nothing more than Family Guy and South Park. The jokes in the last episode really pushed it pretty far though. Peter getting sodomized by a "breeding bull" at the rodeo was probably offensive to some viewers. For me, the cut-away joke that went too far was this one below, where Meg is a freshly released convict and has just carjacked Brian the dog:

Meg: You're gonna help me get some money so I can get out of this town.

Really? Where are you gonna go?

I don't know. Somewhere far away. Maybe China. I hear they got NASCAR there now.

[Drivers yell at each other in imitation Chinese]

This Chinese NASCAR gag was way too exaggerated. Those of us that have lived in mainland China can attest that the traffic and driving is not like this at all. The traffic pileup they show in Family Guy is way too exaggerated. In non-cartoon, real life, it's more like this:

And on Friday after work it's like this:

Nothing close to what they'd have you believe on that ridiculous Family Guy episode. Come on, Family Guy writers, show some respect for my PRC kollegi and get things right next time!

Has anyone living in China ever seen a 2D-looking cartoon show on one of the CCTV channels, the one where the animation style and characters look very reminiscient of South Park? I've found myself watching that show for much longer than I should, hoping to hear some South Park style raunchy jokes, only to be bored out of their minds and finally realize that there are no such jokes coming.


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