Feb 11, 2010

Electrical schematic cartoon tigers

The lunar new year is coming up. If you live in China, you'll be able to guess from the abundance of stuffed toys and cartoons all around that upcoming lunar year will the the year of the tiger.

Every shopping mall and store you go to has all sorts of cartoon renditions of tigers pasted on their walls and windows.

You see stuff like this:

And this:

And this:

Now the thing that's been keeping me up lately is this:

Why do the cartoonists insist on drawing electrical ground symbols on the tigers' foreheads? If you're not familiar with schematics, this is what it looks like:

Can you see what I mean? So what's up with these tiger cartoons? I'm thinking, maybe it's the hard economy. Former electrical engineers are drawing cartoons to make money? I find that hard to believe.

There's so many other cool symbols they could use, too. Why stick to the boring ground symbol? They've got all these to pick from:

I'd love to see a tiger that has resistors or inductors for eyebrows, and maybe an XOR gate for a nose. That would show some innovation.


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