Feb 17, 2010

Chinese cheesey puffs!

Everyone around the world loves cheesey puffs. Doesn't this bowl make your mouth water?

There's a street food in Beijing that's very similar to American cheesey puffs. I'd say that this street food is much healthier than the stuff we eat back home.

There was a cheesey puff vendor near my apartment recently. Check out my video. (Watch for the guy whacking the machine with a mallet towards the end.)

I guess that what he's making should be called corn-puffs, rather than cheesey-puffs, but the guy generously let me taste one, and it was just like a Better Made cheesey puff without the cheese. I suppose I could take a bag of these home and add the own cheese flavor of my choosing.

Some more photos below.

The crowd gathers, salivating in anticipation of the delicious corn puffs to come:

Closer view of the action:

The raw materials — a bowl of dried, partially ground corn:

The vendor pours the corn into his machine:

The machine shits out curl after curl of tasty, puffed corn:

Despite not having any salt, sugar, or cheese flavor added, these corn puffs were surprisingly sweet and tasty. Try this out next time you see it.


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