Jan 30, 2010

"Take a Look at San Francisco's Bad Kitchens"

If you have a typical apartment in Beijing, like I do, you'll get a rise out of this article on yumsugar.com:

It was depressing for me to look at those pictures and the commentary along with them. They all pretty much look like my little kitchen. Some day I'm sure I'll have a decent kitchen. I just need to keep working hard.

Here are the pictures that reminded me the most of my inadequate Beijing kitchen is:

Photo 1: "There's only one word to describe this kitchen: tiny. It's simply a stove with no place to prepare food." Pretty much describes my place.

Photo 3: "A kitchen should be the hub of a house where people gather to enjoy food and wine. But in this box-shaped kitchen, there's not much room for several people." Again, this perfectly describes my cramped kitchen. It is way too tiny for any type of socializing. You can only have one person at a time cooking in it.

Photo 7: "It's 2010, who remodels a kitchen and doesn't put in a dishwasher?" Same thoughts here about the kitchen in my apartment. What was my landlord thinking?


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