Jan 28, 2010

Inappropriate City Weekend column

Recently, during an especially smooth and productive morning dump, I was paging through my normal toilet reading material, City Weekend Beijing magazine. I was both surprised and a bit disturbed when I read this short article on the first page:

Here's a close-up of what I'm talking about:

I think the long-tongued fellow in that picture looks very cool. He reminds me of the lead singer of The Prodigy, Keith Flint. I dig the image he's going for.

Let me say that unless the article here is an inside joke among the editors at City Weekend, the picture and commentary they have there are very uncool. Nothing raises my blood pressure more than inappropriate discrimination. In this short paragraph, City Weekend has discriminated based on at least three things:
  • National origin (the column mentions "an ex-pat who has failed in their home country")
  • Marital status (the column mentions "single or divorced")
  • Age (the column mentions "well aged")
The intolerance is most uncool and inappropriate. I'm not saying this sarcastically. It is very uncool. Free speech and expression are rights that need to be upheld.

If two people of want to be together, I support their right to do so.
  • If a morbidly obese person and a person with a marathon runner's physique like each other, great.
  • Different races, I'm all for it.
  • Same sex, go for it.
  • Parading your consenting S&M partner around in a hood in broad daylight — more power to you.
  • Different income levels, mismatched ages, disparate looks — hey, if a couple wants to be together, leave them alone and mind your business.
I really can't figure out if that article is a joke or not. When I try to open the URL they've listed, I get an HTTP 404 error since the page doesn't exist any more.

That leads me to suspect that a junior writer at City Weekend had a bright idea late one night, immediately prior to the magazine going to press, and consequently he or she wrote this little paragraph. The following day the City Weekend editor had the good sense to yank this ridiculous content from the online edition, as well as the URL they had publicized. The print edition had already gone out, so they let it go.

If this City Weekend article is in fact something that was originally not a joke, can you imagine the kind of person that would put this sort of abusive thing together? She must have been ignored at the bar too many times. Instead of dropping ten pounds, like a normal woman would do, she wrote an inappropriate article.

This column is just so inappropriate and uncool. It was good foresight on the part of the author to not attach his or her name to their article.

On a parting note, since when did the word "douche" become acceptable to use in a magazine publication? They've been throwing that word around forever on the Howard Stern show, which is where they should leave it. The word fit right in with the rest of the vulgarity and inappropriateness there. It's disturbing and uncomfortable to see that word being used so casually now in a magazine publication, no matter how low the circulation of that magazine may be.


Blogger Jimmy said...

Not to say that the article was appropriate, but I think the motivation of the article was to simply flag certain expats who come off as egotists with a sense of entitlement to brag about their conquests upon arriving to a new country. I don't feel it's a criticism towards interracial couples or people who choose alternative lifestyles, but rather egotists who come off as loud and obnoxious. That being said, the article is fairly pointless as these people are easy to spot.

11:32 AM  

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