Jan 26, 2010

Illegal flower tribute

Check my post from a couple weeks ago about Chinese people laying flowers outside the Google China headquarters building to show their support. What did I tell ya'll?

I mentioned in the last part of my blog post:
For now, this small tribute to Google is being left undisturbed and there seems to be no interference from the authorities. I would imagine that if the situation becomes too wild, the PRC Gestapo (国家安全部) will direct the police to limit access to the Google sign under the guise of public harmony.
The police haven't set up a physical blockade, but they've done pretty much the same thing I've described in a less confrontational way.

Thanks to a post on Lost Laowai, "Google and the Illegal Flower Tribute", I found out that the PRC Gestapo really is preventing any more tributes to Google. Here's the summary:


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