Jan 25, 2010

Bobby Flay recipe for Beijingers

Here's a great recipe for anyone that's living in Beijing to make, Bobby Flay's Bbq Duck-Filled Yellow Corn Pancakes with Habanero Sauce.

I say it's ideal for Beijingers because of the availability of roast duck. Follow the recipe as stated, except if you're in Beijing, use the following subtitutions to simplify things:

  • Ancho & pasilla chile powder: Use whatever chile powder you can find around
  • Worcestershire sauce: Dark soy sauce
  • 3 duck legs, skin removed: Get a pre-cooked duck from the supermarket, it should run around 40 yuan ($6), and scrape the meat off. Alternatively, next time you're at Quan Ju De or Da Dong, ask the chef to throw the duck carcass in a doggie bag for you to take home. There should be adequate scraps of meat left to make this recipe.
  • Duck or chicken stock: Again, get this from you favorite duck joint as a take out, or just whip up your own. I make my own stock with chicken meat, bones, and de-clawed chicken feet for extra flavor.
You'll be able to completely skip the 3-hour cooking of the duck as stated in the recipe. So rather than a 4 or 5 hour recipe, this is something you can throw together in 30-45 minutes.

My favorite part of this recipe is the cornmeal pancakes. You could probably put anything wrapped up in these things and it would taste great.

The photo above of the completed dish is from the Food Network web site. My concoction, although I think it tasted great, looked like something your third-grader would make. I need more practice on this one.


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