Dec 4, 2009

What's up with these two guys?

I need someone that can read Chinese to explain this picture to me:

I saw a picture like this on one of the elevator girl's newspapers this morning. I said to the other people in the elevator, "What's up with these two dudes on the cover of the newspaper? Why does one of them have a black hood on? Are they on their way to a fetish party or something?" (Just kidding, I didn't really ask that last sentence.)

Unfortunately, I didn't pick up any information from my fellow passengers, they mostly ignored me, as usual.

This is the story that goes with the picture, all in Chinese though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning, the 21 wire fraud criminal suspects were escorted back to Beijing. At this point, since November 9 to carry out the city's fight against telecommunications fraud since there are now 27 people involved to be controlled. Beijing police said the 25 November to 2 December, the city's police intelligence sag wire fraud, the police will be established before the end of a long-term mechanism for anti-telecom fraud.

Yesterday morning, T232 times the train stops, passengers in a group of handcuffed, hooded hoods of special visitors who were brought in police custody a police vehicle.

Investigators, this is 21 people are in Changping District, along with telecommunications fraud gang members. The morning of September 24, Changping District, Xu received the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and Shanghai falsely CBRC staff, telephone, telephone arrears they claimed the victim was dragged along into the international financial crimes, Xu will be 85 in two million transfer to the crook's account.

September 25, Xu react, had been deceived, then alarm. Investigators went to Beijing, Shaanxi, Anhui, Fujian, and Guangdong to investigate and, ultimately, the people of Taiwan Liumao An Xi'an and other 21 were all controlled. Upon review, the 21 suspects there are two women, 20 people from Taiwan, another person Heilongjiang person. Currently, 21 officers were involved in criminal detention.

In addition, the fraud victim Shen 550,000 yuan in six suspects were arrested a few days ago also in Dongguan, Guangdong Province and has been escorted back to Beijing. 6 suspects, there are four man-made island. The group involved in the city were more than 10 telecommunications fraud cases, involving about 5 million yuan.

Police said the 25 November to 2 December, the city's telecommunications fraud occurred 97 cases, compared with 108 the previous week less.

Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director, FU Zheng-hua said that in the end of the year, the police will establish a long-term mechanism for anti-telecom fraud to conduct a comprehensive fight against telecommunications fraud.

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