Nov 5, 2009

Tigers hat dude

While we were hiking around the scenery of Jiuzhaigou National Park in northern Sichuan province, I made sure to wear my Detroit Tigers cap wherever I went. Not only is it a great way to protect yourself a little from the elements, but it's a great way to potentially meet any other metro-Detroiters that are traveling about.

Imagine my excitement when I saw a man wearing a Tigers away cap, like this one:
I generally wear the home cap, which is a white "D" on solid blue. But when I saw this guy, I was like, woah, that's a great idea for when I'm in China. A Tigers away cap makes more sense, since we're pretty damn far from Detroit. I've always liked the colors of the home uniform more than the away one, but I'm considering changing switching hats.

Back to Jiuzhaigou, the Tigers away cap guy started walking towards me down a hiking path. As he came closer, I shouted out in a booming voice that made all the locals stare at me, "Yo! Tigers fan, huh? You from Detroit?". By the end of the sentence I was about three feet from the guy.

After an awkward silence, the guy turns towards me, and...

Absolutely nothing. Blank stare. I could have been speaking Albanian to him for all he knew.

Apparently this was yet another Chinese man that saw a pretty blue and orange hat at the local market and decide to wear it, with no regard to the significance.

Bummer. It makes me think, you know, in Detroit we don't go around with random hats that have Chinese characters we don't know, like "屄" or "肏" or something else. If you're going to wear a hat, you've got to know what it means.


Blogger peijin said...

funny stuff. thanks for that xishuangbanna trekking post...though its 3 yrs old, still a good and honest take on something--which tourism company sites and travel guides dont seem to give, entirely.

6:55 AM  

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