Nov 21, 2009

Tigers hat dude: part 2

I recently wrote a post about a Chinese dude masquerading as a Tigers fan in Jiuzhaigou National Park. A similar incident just happened to me again, this time in Beijing, really close to my apartment.

My girlfriend were playing tennis on a public court near my place. At one point, thile I was collecting our practice balls from various places around the court, I noticed a young Asian man wearing a Chicago White Sox cap. He was resting on the chairs beside the adjacent court, waiting for his buddies to finish their game. I was wearing my Detroit hat at the time, so I decided to shout out to the fellow, in English of course, "Hey man, you from Chicago? You're a White Sox fan cool. I'm from Detroit." And I pointed at the 'D' logo on the front of my cap. The young Asian guy gave me a long blank stare and a friendly wave. Apparently not one word I said had made an impact.

After the two of us had finished playing, and our court time that I paid for had expired, we headed out. As we walked past some of the other courts, I was excited to see a guy from Detroit playing tennis. I shouted out in a booming voice to another young Asian fellow, this time wearing a Tigers cap, "Yo! Tigers dude! You from Detroit? We did ok this year, but not good enough. Maybe next year." Another blank stare.

Drives me nuts, all these Tigers poseurs wearing our hats. I need to stop saying hello to these guys.


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