Nov 7, 2009

"It's civilized to get close to urinate"

When visiting a private home in China, it's customary to remove your shoes at the door and change into slippers. This is because restroom floors here are covered in a glistening sheet of stale urine.

Some men here, but of course not all, like to stand three feet away from the urinal, and try to do a rainbow arc in. Most of them end up missing the three-point shot. Those that do make it in end up dribbling a little bit anyway. The end result is a big puddle under each and every urinal. Of course, it also makes for shoes that you don't want to wear in your friend's home.

To combat the puddle problem, many lavatories put cute signs in front of the urinals. Here's a little sample, with cute English subtitles, seen at Emei Shan:


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