Nov 3, 2009

Emei Shan graffiti wall

The Teddy Bear Hotel, where we stayed while visiting Emei Shan, has some walls in the cafe/computer area, where anyone is welcome to scribble some travel advice or other comments. Many backpacker-oriented hostels have walls like this, but I got a few laughs out of some of the comments at this place.

Emei Shan is famous for its wild monkeys, which aggressively confront tourists climbing the mountain and steal their food. One guest wrote some good advice on how to deal with the monkeys:

Emei Shan is a huge place. You really need at least two days to see everything. Another guest has provided a time-saving tip, and recommends avoiding the Elephant Bathing Pool. In his words, "ELEPHANT BATHING POOL IS ASS!".

This hostel must have been popular with Polish folks, because there were more than a few scribblings in Polish. Greetings from a couple on their honeymoon trip:

Some other Polish guy's scribbling about how much his room and his roll of toilet paper cost:


Anonymous Filip said...

i don't know how close you are with poland but about the hotel price and toilet paper price is a joke of the mastercard commercial

1:46 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Thanks for sharing, I've not seen the Polish Mastercard commercial.

Looks like the same advertising campaign Mastercard did in the US.

Pretty funny.

7:49 PM  

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