Nov 15, 2009

Computer components delivery boy

I noticed this delivery boy looking miserable in the snow and sleet on the corner. He has a box of computer components near him. Some parts are covered in plastic, some are not.

I wonder if later that day, his boss had a phone conversation that went something like this:
Customer: Your company delivered some hardware to us today.

Store manager: Yes, did things work out well?

Customer: Well, we installed the cards in our systems, but when the engineers powered on the computers afterward, we saw a lot of blue smoke.

Store manager: You must have installed them in an incompatible computer.

Customer: Oh. I thought maybe it was because everything got soaking wet in the sleet and snow when your delivery boy was sauntering by the roadside on his way to our office. Never mind, I'll buy some more cards.

Store manager: I'm happy to help.


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