Nov 17, 2009

Brushing snow, China style

You'll see a lot of unusual behavior when snow falls here in Beijing. What odd things do you spot in the photo below of a fellow brushing snow from his car?

A closer look:

Odd thing number one:
Why flip up your wipers? I've scraped ice and brushed snow from my windshield more times than I can remember. I can't think of any time when it was necessary to flip up my wipers. The only time that it's made sense to flip them up like that is when I'm swapping in a new set of wipers after the rubber starts to wear out. Do they teach this technique in Chinese driving school?

Odd thing number two: I'm not a fan of the California Car Duster to begin with. It's like a miniature dry-mop that you'd find in a tool and die shop, but you drag it over your car to remove the dust, putting microscopic scratches all over the clear coat in the process. This guy can't make it over to Wal-Mart and buy a proper snow brush? (For anyone reading this that doesn't live where it snows, a snow brush looks like this)


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