Nov 11, 2009

Beijing snow day

Despite being at a similar latitude to Chicago, Beijing doesn't get much snow at all. When it does snow in Beijing, it's quite the event. Here are some photos from the snowfall the other day, taken around my place and the commute to work.

Below: Look at this kid's bag of loot! I'm thinking that there may have been some school closures that day, so she didn't have to go to school.

You've heard of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China? Let me introduce the Three Great Snow Removal Inventions of modern China:
  • Invention 1: bamboo stick with straw attached to it (also see this post from 2006)
  • Invention 2: plywood board nailed to wooden stick

  • Invention 3: multi-use deep fry strainer / snow-scooper

Below: Invention 2 in use. My fellow entitled Americans, I encourage you to print this photo and use it for motivation next time you're outside plowing your sidewalk with the snow-blower. This little lady probably weighs in at less than a hundred pounds soaking wet, and she's pushing snow with a splintery stick and a plywood board. You've got it good.

Below: Team snow shoveling outside a restaurant. I like that everyone from the chef to the bus boy to the waitresses are helping out. They're using whatever dustpans and kitchen utensils they could find. It's a group effort all around. And there's no lazy management standing around, looking dumb and supervising.


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