Oct 28, 2009

Tibetan mastiffs

In Tibetan areas, you'll run across more than a few Tibetan mastiffs. Most of the time, they're mutts, like this one, around the size of a black lab:

One of our cab drivers that we hired near Songpan took us by a dog kennel that had a few purebred Tibetan mastiffs caged up. This sucker was big. You need a large dog if it's going to be able to fight with wolves.

I think when this dog stands up he'd be as tall as a man. Not to mention, his craps are as big as a full grown man's. Not a dog you'd want to come across when he's angry.

Unfortunately, some idiots with too much money are purchasing Tibetan mastiffs as status symbols. I've seen a halfbreed in a fancy pants villa in the suburbs of Beijing recently. This fat cat's daughter paid almost $600,000 recently for a purebred. To add to the fun, Ms. Idiot managed to piss off the common folks in Shaanxi by sending a parade of Mercedes to the airport to pick up the new pet. I predict that with all the idiots getting over their heads with these dogs, we're going to see some Diane Whipple -type dog maulings in the near future in China.


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