Oct 30, 2009

Monastery anecdote

We visited this beautifully decorated place, Songzanlin Monastery in Zhongdian:

Outside the temple, there is a box labeled "功德箱", as there are at many temples. I would translate this into English as "Box O' Donations". Next to the donation box, there was a notebook where people who donated money could record the date, their name, where they're from, and the amount of the donation.

You might need to double click on the photo below to see all the details:

I happened to glance at the page as I walked by, and something jumped out at me. A jokster filled out a line like this:
Name: "From USA"
Hometown: "Katie & Bill Jones, America"
Donation amount: "13:50"

If this was an intentional joke by someone, I'm impressed. It's very creative and amusing, and I'm going to imitate this joke in the future.

Is it a joke, or was this a real person? Leave me some comments and let me know what you think. Are Katie & Bill real Americans? Or did some clever Canadians or Brits pull a fast one and take a funny jab at us obnoxious Americans?

Some things that occurred to me:
  • If the surname was Ricci or Zielinski or Cohen, I'd suspect nothing was up. But "Bill Jones"? Come on, who has a generic name like that?
  • They wrote the time as "13:50". We don't do that in America; it's those crazy Europeans with their kilograms and meters and Celsius who use military time. Americans would normally write "1:50 PM".
  • The line says "From USA" in the Name column. Then they list "America" again in the Hometown column. It seems like the writer is trying extra hard to make sure people know that some stupid Americans did this.


Anonymous Stephen said...

I'm tempted to say that it might be a Chinese university student. That 'style' of handwriting looks a lot like the handwriting of many of my Chinese students.

7:52 AM  

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